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Vision Blvd Fundraising Begins

We are so excited to launch our first-ever fundraising effort since the inception of our campaign to remove the Central Freeway. Click here or on the Vision Blvd logo to learn more and donate.

Here is what your tax-deductible contribution will be used for:

Research and Studies: Vision Blvd will help sponsor studies centered on transportation, housing, environmental impacts, and opportunities for green space along the 13th and Division Streets corridor. Professionals with deep expertise will conduct these studies and help us develop a proposal that satisfies all stakeholders, looks to the future, and addresses all community needs.   

Events & Organization: Vision Blvd is currently a pro bono effort. However, there are various costs, like maintaining our digital resources and creating promotional materials. We will also host various events all over San Francisco to highlight our effort, spread awareness, gather community input, and have some fun in the process. For example, we will host a block party on June 1st, requiring City permits, campaign materials, tables, canopies, entertainment, food and drinks, and many other resources.


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