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Vision Blvd is a grassroots San Francisco campaign, calling for the complete removal of the Central Freeway.

Once the freeway is removed, a vital region of the city will be transformed into a thriving and beautiful neighborhood hub, serving locals and visitors alike.

Central Freeway.jpg

Current extent of the remaining Central Freeway stub. 

The Central Freeway is more than just an eyesore.

It is a vestige of antiquated transportation infrastructure that has blighted San Francisco communities for decades. It currently looms over 13th and Division Streets, dividing the Mission and SoMa districts, while blocking potential housing development. Its presence results in significant local pollution that affects nearby residents, and four of the ten most dangerous intersections in San Francisco are part of or underneath the Central Freeway. 
Division St. under Central Freeway

Division St. underneath the Central Freeway is part of the high injury network as identified by Vision Zero data.

It’s long been City policy to explore alternatives to the freeway, and the benefits upon its removal would be undeniable. There would be opportunities for desperately needed new housing, an expansion of public transit, and new parks within an SF neighborhood that is afforded the least amount of green space in the city.

We are currently working with city and state agencies, as well as San Francisco residents, to make Vision Blvd a reality as soon as possible—not ten or twenty years down the road. And given the current local and national interest in removing transportation infrastructure that causes community harm, we believe the time is now to remove the Central Freeway, and show the world that San Francisco is serious about doing its 7 x 7 part to create a safe, livable, functional, and beautiful city for all. 
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